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What’s Next?

It’s 2017!

I think many people seem to feel like 2016 was a bad year. I don’t think it was bad, at all. It went super fast. Like, scary, I am so glad I take so many pictures or I wouldn’t remember it even happened, fast. But it was a good year for me! As the beginning of a new year tends to make you do, I have given some thought to what is next for “Those Littles”. I have learned so much over the last three months, since I purchased a business license. I made a bunch of baby-friendly necklaces, drew and put together some collage prints, painted very simple family portraits, and learned that my favorite and most popular item was home portraits. I opened an etsy shop, which I was interested in doing for a long time. My goal for actually trying to make and sell products was to do everything at a reasonable price. I am not interested in making a lot of money, just having a sort of “artistic outlet” and hopefully finding some people that liked what I made and wanted some, too. I feel like I was successful there! And that felt great. The part about it that didn’t feel great was that it has been too time consuming, too expensive, and too complicated. Let me keep it simple and say that being diligent and honest when it comes to paying taxes takes too much time for me. I cannot spend the time and money needed to make good products, to pay local and state taxes, pay Etsy seller fees as well as the cost of shipping, and still keep the cost for buyers low. I don’t want to charge people a lot of money for stick figure paintings! Even if they think they’re fun and adorable, I refuse to charge a lot for the types of products that I want to make. I don’t want to.

So, that’s what’s next. I have decided to just put that on hold. Well, not completely! I have decided to just stop selling. I still love making things, doing projects around the house, sharing deals and some advice. I will continue to do that here, through Facebook and Instagram. I want to change directions; steer in a new one. Maybe the steering wheel will lead me back to a path where I start selling again one day. I sure know a lot more now than I did just three short months ago! It feels now like it has veered onto a path where my time and energy is needed elsewhere. If you really want me to make you something, I happily accept gift cards and free babysitting. Hahaha! As long as this man is by my side, the view from whatever path we are on will always be lovely.

Our honeymoon - Telluride, CO - 2006
Our honeymoon – Telluride, CO – 2006

We have sold our house and are moving to a new one! This transition will be somewhat foreign and exciting, tedious and time-consuming, different and in many ways not different at all. We have purchased a lovely home that, as my husband said “needs some life brought back into it.” How perfect is that? We can sure bring life along with us. And boy have we lived life in this first home we bought together 6.5 years ago! We will miss this place and always cherish the memories we made here.

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I know that the new house will bring many adventures for us and we are excited about a fresh start. But the important things remain constant: our love for God, family and others. Here’s to a swell 2017 and the uncharted path we are headed down!

As always, thanks for following along with those Littles 🙂


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