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Iron Bed

Since our daughter moved schools in the middle of the year, and the move was the biggest adjustment for her, I wanted to get her room in good shape first off. It was important to me for her room to feel comfortable and organized so she could feel at home. Also, I wanted it to be pretty, because she is the sweetest girl ever. She is really into pink and turquoise right now. And I am really into neutrals, always. I let her look at pictures on Pinterest with me and also pick out some accent pieces to make her room feel girly, but a little more mature than in the past.


The day we moved in, I snapped some “before’ pictures. This is the room our daughter would be moving into.

img_7804.jpgAnd here it is now!


Her bed used to just sit on a frame and it was turned sideways along the wall, like a daybed. I made her a pink fence headboard, which she loved. My mom’s parents both have passed away (sweet Paw Paw and GranDottie!) and I have been privileged to look through their old home for furniture and things that no one else has claimed so far. This metal bed frame was in a shed on their property and I was in love with it right away.


It is a full frame, so it just made sense to put it in our daughter’s room. I loved it black, but it really wouldn’t look just right in her room, so I told our daughter we could leave it black or I could make it white or gold. She quickly said, “ooooooh GOLD!”. So, I picked up a small tube of Rub N Buff at Hobby Lobby. Based on this post about the different gold colors, I went with Grecian Gold. I used my 40% off coupon so it cost about $3.50. That was my only cost since I got the bed for free.


Note the beautiful hands and nails on the packaging. And my gorgeous nailbeds on the left. You can have it all, ladies.

I lightly sanded it and got the rust and cobwebs off.


I just wiped the Rub N Buff on the entire frame with a light coat. I ended up doing this about three times, just to get the coverage I wanted. I was wanting a more natural, weathered look, so that I why I went with the Rub N Buff and did not just spray paint the metal frame.


I could have added some more coverage, but I liked the streaks of black coming through. Here is a detailed picture.

img_7809.jpgIt’s a pretty gold bed in a pretty little girl’s room now! And our daughter loves it, which is what really matters. Our house is full of furniture and accessories from our families. I love that they have a story to tell and that they make our home even more special to us.

img_7697.jpgNow to keep that bed made..haha!

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