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Fireplace Surround

I spray painted the fireplace surround at our old house, so I decided to do the same here. This picture is from the day before we moved in. I do love the look of red brick, especially inside, so I wasn’t particularly eager to change that. But I didn’t love the brass surround, so that’s what I started with. 

It was very simple to remove. It sat in the garage for several weeks because I have a life, haha.

I did give the brick a good wash with some vinegar and water after this photo was taken. I also cleaned the brass surround really well while it was in the garage.

I bought black spray paint that is specifically for high heat areas, like grills, car engines, annnnd fireplaces. I bought it at Lowes, and I’ll link it here.

I taped off the glass areas (decided not to remove them and it was just fine) and did several light coats of the black paint. I left it in the garage overnight to dry.

Now it’s back up and I like the way it looks much better now. A quick, simple and cheap update is my favorite kind!

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