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Improving our kitchen table

I’ve had a minor dilemma in our kitchen that was bugging me. I got this sweet and unusual octagonal table from my great aunt recently that my parents also had in our home at one point. I refinished the top of it with Restor A Finish a few months ago and we’ve been using it in our kitchen. We usually eat there and I love the idea of having heirlooms in our home, but it just wasn’t working.It has leaves on either side that are supported by legs that swing out underneath. The leaves are big, so the table isn’t functional to eat at if they are down. But, the support legs were so close to each other, and the other table legs, that chairs just didn’t fit underneath it. The area where the table sits is not especially huge, so tucking the chairs under the table when we’re not eating was necessary. This was so tight, though, that it was awkward just for the five of us to fit chairs at the table when eating. I actually started looking around for other tables, but had the bright idea at some point to add drop leaf hinges underneath it!   This is what I planned to buy. I looked in Lowes and The Home Depot, and they had nothing like these. However, since this table is a fine size for us with the leaves out all the time, and we don’t really need to let them down, I went with a less expensive route (shocking, I know!). These white brackets are in the shelving area at home improvement stores and these were $1.78 each. I bought four, which said that they would support up to 200lb per pair. I just screwed them into the bottom of the table while the legs were tucked underneath it. It can easily be removed if I change my mind, but it does not allow us to lower the leaf down on either side unless I unscrewed the brackets from the bottom. See how narrow the space is at the end? That’s the width that each space was before, and standard dining chairs just are too wide to squeeze in there. But now, we can easily fit four chairs under each side, and two on each end can always be added. I decided to move a bench from our den and we’ll see if that works. The kids are definitely going to argue over who gets to sit on the bench!
This was a $9 fix that made a special piece of furniture functional for us. Try to think outside the box before you trash or sell something!

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