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Painting an Outdoor Light’s been a while!

Summer is in full swing here and I am loving the combination of leisure and chaos that is summertime with little ones! That, by default, limits my projects, but I’m okay with that. Actually I love that. We soak up the extra time together as a family and I try to make summer break as much fun as possible, while keeping us all sane, fed and clean.

I am sharing today a quick update I managed to accomplish during Sunday afternoon naptime. I have been known to allllso join in on the Sunday afternoon nap from time to time, but I opted for this little project instead that I’m sharing with you.

The exterior lights on our home are nice, they are just dated. I like the style just fine (unlike the chandelier in our entry that I just replaced because I didn’t like) and to buy two new ones would cost at the very least $200. Plus installation is no fun. I have used Rub n Buff in the past and really like it, but I wanted to try an outdoor acrylic paint this time because it was even less expensive. (Rub n Buff is $6 a tube, so I’m talking about a reallllly cheap fix.) I cleaned the many, many spider webs off the lights and also cleaned the glass. That is a glorious light fixture update in and of itself.

Here are the lights outside of our front door…

Just a little bit, blech.

I saw this paint on the acrylic paint aisle in Hobby Lobby, which was 30% off this week, so I grabbed three bottles, not knowing exactly how much I’d need. At $1.37 each, 30% off (except that I used a 40% coupon off of one of them, haha) the total with tax was $2.99. Nice.

The bottle says weather resistant, but we shall see. Only time will tell. And then me. I will tell you if it lasts :).

I used three small, simple paint brushes. A wider brush for the larger areas, and then I {intentionally} broke one so I could fit my hand into the fixture. I didn’t want to take this apart. I am lazy.

And I used a third brush with small, stubby bristles for the spaces in between the glass. I didn’t wait to tape it off {lazy — or innovative?} and this worked great.

After about an hour, I had finished both lights! While the kids were napping! And I used about 1/3 of one of the bottles of paint. How frugal.

It’s a subtle difference, but for me who looks at them quite often, it’s a big upgrade. Again, I have no idea how long this paint will last, but it was certainly worth the hour to delay changing the lights, in my opinion. I have another set of lights on the other side of the house that I’ll work on next. Mmmm, in between lounging by the pool and watching movies and eating Popsicles, that is.

Until next time!

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