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Back to School!!!

Our kids started the school year August 2nd. That seems so early, I know! But they do get several breaks throughout the year, which I love, so I don’t mind. Wouldn’t matter if I hated it because that’s when school started! I have found that having snack boxes in our pantry comes in very handy on school mornings when I am packing lunches. Now that we have two in school (saaaad face), it is even more helpful.

I buy snacks in bulk when they are on sale. For example, I don’t usually buy Fruit Rollups, ok? But they were 50ยข a box, so I bought several and donated a couple of boxes to the kids’ classrooms. I empty out the boxes and portion out some of the snacks into smaller Ziplock bags. I still have one little guy at home with me, so I don’t portion out everything or that would be wasteful. But having some snacks already in bags that I can toss into their lunchboxes makes our morning routine much more smooth.

Of course, I cut off the box tops and turn those into the school. I take my boxes straight to our recycling bin.

Instead of having all those boxes in the pantry, now I have two specific areas for snacks.

These boxes are not the prettiest things–they are from the Dollar Tree. And my snacks are not all organic this month, but again, I buy in bulk when foods are on sale and this time nothing organic was ;). Also, just to be clear, their lunches do not only contain these snacks. They also get fresh fruit, chips and salsa, sandwiches, sometimes even spaghetti in a thermos. I’m only sharing how I store those snack-ey foods and how portioning them out on the front end saves me time during the school week, and space in my pantry!

What are some other ways that help your mornings go more smoothly once school has started? Besides strong coffee?

I hope everyone gets the school year off to a great start!

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