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Laundry Room Update

Our little laundry room was pretty blaaah when we first moved here. It is a great space, although a little snug.  The laundry chute is a life saver and the cabinet and built-in storage is great. The two metal boxes are connected to a very old security system. That eyesore and the fact that there was nowhere to hang clothes were my main two negative issues in the room.
The first thing I did was paint the yellow (well, they were starting to look pretty brown!) walls that I knew I would not be putting wallpaper over.

The paint color I used was Valspar’s Hotel St. Francis Clay Angel. The previous owner had two floors painted this nice and light neutral color (thank you for not painting the whole house some horrible color!) and there was a full five gallon bucket of it left in the basement. That’s why I used this color! Free $! But I do like the color a lot.

I patched and sanded a few nail holes and then hung up my cute little dust pan on an Alabama hook that I had painted.I did this in just one evening, and I used two rolls of Devine Color Buffalo Plaid Peel & Stick Wallpaper -Twig and Lightning from This particular print is only sold online. It was easy to piece this print together and I used every inch of it on these two small walls!

This is a very flattering photo of me installing the wallpaper!I had this frame, so I just wrote this cute little quote on some brown craft paper we already had.I ended up adding this little basket around the light for now. I’ll share the details about that later!I was really happy with the cute wallpaper, and the new accordion hanger from Hobby Lobby! But the security system things were making me crazy.

I thought and searched for something cute to cover those boxes and just have not found anything the right size that is deep enough and does not cost a fortune.

So, for now, I covered a cardboard box in burlap and just hung it up there! I hot glued two wooden clothes hangers near the top, and then hung this sweet hand towel from my dear sister-in-law. It’s an unusual thing sitting on the wall, I realize! But at least it’s much cuter than the metal boxes and it didn’t cost me anything. I will share the simple steps for making that box later.So here we are today! Nice and bright and clean and functional!And what was a few months ago:

Do you have any more ideas for improving a small laundry space? Have you used peel and stick wallpaper? Have you seen any bears lately? Are you excited for the new season of This Is Us?? Talk to me all about it! And have a great one!

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