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Guest Room Update

I have always loved having a guest room. It’s just not an option in every home, but we have been fortunate to have a specific room just for guests in both of our homes. In the Big Ole Brick House, our guest room is in the basement. It is a good sized room, but since most of our family also brings two or three small children along {we looove our nieces and nephews!} I wanted the space to be used efficiently.

Here is what the room looked like a few weeks ago:

I wanted to freshen the paint and add a little character to the walls, so here it is now:

I am big on using items in our home that are special to us. The bed was in my grandparents’ home and I repainted it. The end table was my husband’s grandparents’. And the love seat pulls out to a twin sized bed and it came from my mom, who got it from my great aunt. The wooden vase on the end table was an anniversary gift from my mother-in-law..what year is wood the traditional gift? It was that year!!

And I liked that I could incorporate a couple of the paintings I have made in the collage.

And this pencil drawing that my oldest brother drew of the Hotel in Telluride where we stayed on our Honeymoon.

Our sweet daughter painted this chair green. The wire basket was from a freezer in my grandparents’ shed and the blankets are family heirlooms.

I leave this side of the room empty and set up our pack n play when our guests with little ones are visiting. But does anyone have suggestions for what to put on this blank wall? I’m alright with it being blank, but I’d love some help!

I’m pleased with the small changes and even more happy when our loved ones come and hang out with us!! Summer break is almost here, so hopefully we will have many visitors!!

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  1. How about a neat iron piece? I thought about a neat piece of wood with knobs to hang things on…but, might get in way of pack and play. Or you could put some lettering up! Miss you guys!

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