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Back to School Organization – Part 2

After a quite productive weekend, I’m excited to share with you how our Back to School morning routine has gotten a bit easier with these food storage ideas. Our older two children take their lunches from home every day, as well as a snack, and they are making their own lunches each morning. In order to make that easy and quick for them (and me) I have their food options portioned out and ready to go in the refrigerator and pantry where they can easily reach. We have the third basket because our little guy does not like to feel left out, and he will hopefully transition right into this routine once he starts elementary school. He also snacks a lot!

These plastic containers are from WalMart and they just hold the refrigerated items that each of our children like. They all like different things, of course, we all do, so I try to have the foods they prefer in their bins.

They hold quite a bit.

Our cute little pantry is at just the right height for our kiddos to reach their individual snack baskets. These came from Aldi and I liked that they hold plenty but they aren’t so tall that the kids need to pull them out of the pantry to see what is actually in there. This is working great so far! I do portion out some of the snacks ahead of time.

Another step I added to the weekday routine (due to some gross lunchbox situations last year!) is cleaning their lunchboxes out and actually wiping them down every afternoon. In order to make that simple for them, I just put a cleaning station in the laundry room that was easy for them to access. Since our children are older now, I don’t have to worry about this being unsafe, but it wasn’t long ago that every household cleaner was stored well out of their reach! That’s just another indication that they are fully capable of doing these tasks on their own. The youngest does not have a lunchbox, but his daily chore is typically wiping the kitchen table off before a meal, so his spray bottle and paper towels are down low for him to easily reach as well. And yep, the handle of our dryer broke and I tied a rope around it. Innovative, I know.

These simple steps are helping our weekday mornings and afternoons run much more smoothly. What are you bright and genius ideas for keeping your family organized for school!?

Soon I will share the last round of general “kids organization tips” that keep everything in our house from being lost all the time! Enjoy the week!

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