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Back to School Organization – Part 3

It’s Monday again, and we had a wonderful weekend celebrating the main man in our house’s birthday! I hope your weekend was filled with exactly what you looked forward to all week. Mine sure was!

Today I’m sharing some basic organization that is working for our family right now. Inside our main living area, we have the perfect space for a “drop area”. I would love a mud room/laundry room that could serve this purpose, but that’s not the layout of our home. I wanted to have a space where the kids’ backpacks and shoes are easily accessible without looking like a tornado came through at all times. This has worked well for us!

The very sturdy wooden peg shelf is something I picked up at an estate sale. I made sure the rack was hung with some strong drywall screws since it was going to be holding some significant weight. It nicely holds backpacks, and a bag that stores my digital camera (the bag to the far right). I keep my camera in the bag so it is always within reach, and I can grab the whole bag if I’m quickly heading out the door and want to take some good photos. Having the camera in one particular place has really helped me be more likely to use it, and I store the battery charger, USB cord, etc. in that bag. I ordered it from Amazon (Here is the link) and it is a good bag for the purpose it’s serving. However, I found that when I’m on a trip, having the camera in the backpack was bulky and reaching back to get it out each time was a hassle. I prefer just a shoulder bag for that.

Anyhoooo, having a dedicated place for backpacks is very helpful. The bench underneath serves as a great way for them to reach up and hang the bags without any trouble, as well as a place to sit and put on shoes. Speaking of shoes, the cream colored box to the left of the doorway is our “shoe box”. I believe I got it at Home Goods a while back. It is a game changer, let me tell you. The kids 90% of the time come right inside and immediately take their shoes off and put them in there without even thinking about it. This keeps the floors cleaner, but what makes my brain happy is that we rarely have to go looking for shoes. They’re usually just either on their feet or in the shoe box. It is brilliant.

Every so often I clean the box out, since it can get pretty full, and stinky. I spray it with Febreeze or Lysol and get any dirty socks outta there.

Moving into the boys’ room. My main focus there is keeping the clothes in order. They have a three drawer dresser (their dad and uncles’ changing table when they were babies) and a four drawer dresser in the closet (my brothers’ from their childhood).

The three drawer dresser has their underwear and socks in the top drawer. Not a ton of structure there, but it’s simple enough for them to get them on by themselves and know where they belong.

The middle drawer holds play clothes. I found that I needed to separate these (stained/not quite right for church – perfect for getting dirty) from the clothes that they can wear to school or church.

The bottom drawer holds pajamas.

I prefer folding their clothes this way. I feel like more fits into each drawer, and they can see which shirt is which without actually getting it out. It stays pretty neat as long as I stay on top of the laundry!

In the drawers in their closet, they each have a drawer with pants/shorts, and they each have a drawer with shirts. These are the ones they can choose from for school.

They have a pretty good sized closet, so their off-season clothes are stored in the top. Their button-down shirts for church are hanging on either side – one side for each fella. Pretty simple.

Next is our daughter’s room. She has this desk that was also my brothers’ when they were kids that I painted a while back. Her under garments and pajamas are in those drawers.

She also has a nice closet that we try to keep neat. It is a learning process! She has lots and lots of books, so some spill over into the closet. She puts her own laundry away and she has gotten much better about keeping her clothes neat, even though that does not come naturally.

I realize this was mostly about kids clothing storage, but for me, it is a huge relief when we can easily find the clothes we are looking for when we need them. And as our little guys get bigger, if these simple steps can help mama stay sane, then all will be well in our home!

I know I didn’t address toy storage here. It’s mostly because we are in a new stage of life where we don’t really have too many toys. I mean there are plenty! Too many. I don’t know why I said we don’t have too many. But mostly our children are old enough to clean up after themselves and they do a good job about it when they are asked. Part of it is because I keep their areas pretty organized, not to be too braggy! But they don’t get too out of control anymore like they used to when these Little guys were truly little! If you’d like me to share about how that is handled here, just let me know and I’ll be happy to do that.

Who has any other tricks or tips for keeping their kids’ areas neat so you can stay sane!?

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