Franklin Battlefield

The weather here in north Alabama has been perfect, just in time for our fall break. We planned to just spend one day taking a quick trip somewhere just for the day and decided to go north 2 hours to Franklin, TN.

My husband is a history fan, and I love being outdoors (I’m learning to also love history!) so walking around civil war battlefields has been something we really enjoy together. We’ve been to Gettysburg, Fredericksburg and Shiloh so far, so we got to add Franklin to the list this week.

Anytime we can take a couple of our dogs, get outside together, explore a new place, and learn something as a family, we try to take the opportunity. Franklin Battlefield was not preserved in the way the others we have visited were originally, but in recent years, an effort to maintain the area has been made by the city. This large field has a nice walking path that was perfect for letting our dogs and kids stretch out and enjoy the cooler weather.

The home in the background is called Carnton, and it housed many wounded soldiers. Tours are offered, we just decided to try that when the kids are a little older.

The cemetery right beside Carnton was humbling. All these men died in this battle.

Next we drove to Fort Granger and it is amazing to me that the trenches and moat are still there and so large.

We decided to walk around downtown Franklin and it is such a neat combination of the classic downtown feel and new upscale shopping. Our little guys were getting pretty tired, and a lot of the shops have nice products, so we didn’t stay long. It would be a great place to shop with girlfriends!

We had such a wonderful fall break and the family quality time is priceless! We were blessed with beautiful weather and a week to refresh and finish up this year.

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