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Looking back and Looking ahead!

I love a fresh start. A new beginning usually brings more excitement than anxiety for me, and it’s good motivation. I have had some ideas running through my head the last few months, tossing out ideas to my husband, discussing our future once all our children are in school full time. Those conversations and considering the best options have consumed my extra time and for that reason alone, it feels too forced. The timing might just be off, since I tend to jump headfirst into things. Sometimes I have ambitious goals, but then need a reminder that it is ambitious enough to be good or better at what you’re already doing, rather than looking for something new.

I tell you that, as vaguely as possible, to say that I love blogging and while I have been exploring something different in my mind, I have been posting photos to Instagram instead of writing. And I’m ready to get back to it, just putting my ideas and projects here again. So, I will quickly recap the last few months through photos!

We enjoyed the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll in October.

Those adult Littles traveled to NYC to see To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway.

We had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving, and loved getting ready for the Christmas season.

I helped my dear friend get ready for a couple of holiday events.

I got to tag along on a duck hunt with my husband and brother-in-law.

December was just wonderful, magical, my favorite time of the year to watch my children soak in all that is precious about being young.

I love the idea of having a single word to guide you throughout the year. To encourage and remind you to stay focused on something in particular. Some examples I have seen are Clarity, Minimalism, Peace, Contentment, Hope. Without actually saying it, I think my theme or “word” for 2018 was Contentment. I am going to write more about that soon, and how that mindset changed my every day.

I decided my word for 2019 will be: Present.
I’m planning to write all about that later as well. What a great year this is sure to be!

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