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    Improving our kitchen table

    I’ve had a minor dilemma in our kitchen that was bugging me. I got this sweet and unusual octagonal table from my great aunt recently that my parents also had in our home at one point. I refinished the top of it with Restor A Finish a few months ago and we’ve been using it in our kitchen. We usually eat there and I love the idea of having heirlooms in our home, but it just wasn’t working.It has leaves on either side that are supported by legs that swing out underneath. The leaves are big, so the table isn’t functional to eat at if they are down. But, the support…

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    Learning and loving it!

    I am brand new to “making things and selling them” 🙂 so I am learning something new every day. Lately I have casually offered to draw and then watercolor homes and my close friends and family, along with others I don’t know quite as well, have wanted me to do this for them! I am really loving the challenge and figuring it out. I never realized until now that this was really something I could do, so I feel very fortunate. I am going slow and steady right now, not throwing myself too hard into the painting and making things because I want to focus on my little family over…

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    First Craft Show

    My daughter’s school had a fall marketplace last weekend that vendors could sign up for and sell their goodies at booths. That event is really what got me jump-started to start Those Littles. I was interested in making things and finding out a good way to sell them, and this seemed like a good start! Although most of the vendors were candle makers, Avon and health product sellers, I was so happy to be there! I was able to pass out some cards and make some good connections in our little community. The best part was spending the day with my sweet girl and decorating the booth. I made a…

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    Updating a rocker

    I bought this sweet little rocker at an estate sale several months ago. I think I paid $15 for it. It was in good shape, just a bit ugly. It’s low to the ground. Reminds me of something a short, sweet granny would rock babies in. I thought it was the perfect size for our eight year old daughter. So I brought it home and tore it apart! Really, the back cushion just slid off and I only removed the skirt at the bottom. I covered the old seat area with a cute pattern of material I already had. I used a staple gun to secure the new fabric along…

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    Copper Tins

    Several weeks ago I found this set of copper storage tins at a thrift store. They were screaming “Take Me Home and Take Care of Me”! The set was $6 so I grabbed them before someone else could! I used quite a bit of Bar Keeper’s friend and elbow grease, but now they actually look like copper again. They still have a rustic feel, which I love, and they are functional and cute. Hooray for making junk look good!

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    Free {or cheap} rag garland

    One of my goals for this website is to share decorating ideas on a budget. Today’s project was free for me, so how’s that for staying on a budget!? Even if you don’t happen to already have these materials lying around, this is an inexpensive little project. My sons had a Star Wars themed birthday party a few weeks ago. I bought this material at WalMart for $2.00/yard and bought two yards. I wanted the kids to be able to dress like Jedi if they wanted. The high September-in-Alabama temperatures kept the kids from really wanting to add any more clothing to what they were already wearing. The ones that…